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How to Trade

How do I Trade Forex?

1. Open a Program (If you don't install a program yet CLICK HERE)


2. Go to 'File' and then 'Login'

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3. Select the server you're in, If your server is, select Exness-Real3. If your server is trial, select Eness-Trial, For example

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4. After that you can trade any market you want.

Under 'Symbol' Tab you'll see many stocks to invest. You'll see an estimated price in 'bid ' and 'share'

Before you can trade a stock you should see a graph of a stock you interested in (I recommended stock that cost around 0.8-1.2 such as NZDUSD).

To see graph, Right click at any stock you want and click 'Chart Window'

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5. After you see a graph you can start trading by Right Click at the graph and Click 'New Order'

basics of stock trading


6. You'll see a windows like below.

In 'Volume' is the number of share you wanna trade. each 0.01 will equal to price of that stock in dollars (0.01 of 12.0 priced stock will equal to 12 USD).

The more volume you trade, The more profit you get.

At beginning I recommend to trade minimum volume (0.01-0.05). After you're getting more precise you can trade more volume for maximum profit later.


There're 2 type of Order you can choose (either 'buy' or 'sell')

Choose 'Buy' if you think the graph will go up. 

Choose 'Sell' if you think the graph will go down

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7. After you Ordered it will say 'successful' then click OK

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8. As the time pass, the graph will go up and down. If you're right, you will see 'profit' rise up like below.

How much you get is up to how many volume you buy and how much the graph go up.


In the picure you'll see that I get $320 in profit, For example.

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9. In order to claim profit you must close your order.

Right click at the order you wanna close, Click 'Close Order'

basics of how to stock trade


10. Click 'Close'

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11.  You'll get money in your account balance equal to profit you get. Click OK

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To be a good trader isn't hard but take some time. you can get a free account for practice trading Here for FREE

In order to trade better and make more profit faster, study these video, It's all FREE but will help you a lot.


Noted that most market will be closed in saturday and sunday. In Monday to Friday you can trade as many as you want, this service is 24hr.

Click to see trading calendar in 2014

Click to see trading calendar in 2017


Enjoy Trading!!




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